0Tolerance partners with an industry leader in security awareness training campaigns that will make you and your team wiser in security. These informative and engaging training videos will actually keep your team’s attention and will help them remember how to be more cyber safe. The trainings will take very little time for staff to complete and you’ll be able to track their completion. There are many courses, even specific courses covering compliance standards like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

The included phishing campaigns will help you create a security-focused culture by simulating phishing scenarios. The portal has template scenarios that you can utilize, and they can be further customized quickly. If a user acts with the email in a way that could have been leveraged by an actual attacker, they will be taken to a friendly site explaining how they were just tricked and what to watch for next time. Immediate training opportunity!

The phishing test simulations will gamify the training, and will test staff on example phishing emails, and help them understand what makes a phishing email suspicious. These fun simulations make it easy to recall phishing warning signs later.

Lastly, you’ll be able to upload your cybersecurity and HR-related policies and have staff acknowledge their receipt. If you have PCI compliance requirements for training, this is a great inexpensive solution.

Even Better, Let Us Manage It

As an optional service, 0Tolerance can manage the annual training campaign for you. We’ll schedule monthly phishing emails to be sent to your users and we’ll provide a summary of the campaign results each month. We’ll set a training course curriculum including 20 minutes of initial online training for all users, a monthly 2-minute refresher video, and a quarterly 5-minute phishing simulation. You can even provide us copies of your information security policies, and we can make those available in the same portal so your users can acknowledge them electronically.

Security Awareness Training

The best security technologies can often be defeated due to staff not following proper security practices. Training is a critical component in creating a solid cybersecurity program. Let us help you activate the human defense layer. Options to have 0Tolerance fully customize a phishing cadence and your training curriculum based on industry best practices.

Online on-demand security awareness training
Phishing campaigns and phishing simulation tests
Upload and acknowledge your training policies

Security You Can Trust

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