CIS Cybersecurity Services

0Tolerance can help your organization with CIS Cybersecurity Services. We assess your organization using the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Control (CSC) Version 8. The CIS CSC is a set of best cybersecurity practices designed to provide a prioritized approach for protecting your organization against known attacks. It is intended to be a roadmap for implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

The CIS CSC is helpful because it provides a prioritized guidebook of controls based on the most common and dangerous cyber threats facing organizations today. This allows your organization to focus its resources on the most critical areas of your cybersecurity program rather than trying to address every possible threat. It also provides a benchmark for measuring the preparedness and identifying areas for improvement.

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CIS IG1-3 Gap and Risk Assessments

Assessment of your information security program against the CIS IG1, IG2, or IG3, depending on what’s best for your organization and where you are on your journey.

CIS Cybersecurity Services

On-call assistance with questions related to the CIS and general information security questions.

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Compliance does not equal security, make security business-as-usual