Managed Security

Managed Security Services

It takes dedicated and responsive resources to defeat the onslaught of cyber threats. As you know, the “bad guys” only have to win once; you have to win every time. To help you in this unfair fight, 0Tolerance partners with a world-class Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that has proven playbooks to defend against evil. On average, our partner is known for remediating ransomware incidents in just 7 minutes. Considering that the average client without an MSSP doesn’t realize they’ve been breached for weeks or months, this is a solution you can’t afford to have. We can bring our clients a customized, very affordable solution for your needs that includes:

  • Monitoring, threat hunting, detection, and guided alerts for servers, workstations, endpoints, firewalls, and cloud applications
  • 24x7x365 US-based Security Operations Center and SOC analysts, no data residency, language barrier, or timezone support issues
  • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR/MDR/XDR), signature and behavioral alerting, lightweight agents, and virtual sensors
  • Cloud-managed Security Incident Event Management (SIEM), tailor-built and proven parsing capabilities
  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response; to get a clear picture of the attack storyline and to automate actions (SOAR)
  • Cloud monitoring using robust full-stack API integrations with AWS, M365 & Azure, and Google Workspace & GCP (and others, ask)
  • Industry-best cyber risk scoring dashboard, which details your organizational cybersecurity “credit score,” behavior anomalies, best practices, executive overviews, and vulnerability classes
  • Top-tier threat intelligence feeds incorporated
  • Ingestion and compatibility with most security tools you may already have, such as your firewall or your current endpoint detection provider
  • 12-month log retention (not just 90 days or 6 months..), meets PCI, NIST 800-171, and other compliance frameworks
  • 30-minute Service Level Agreement for remediation of “Critical” (High and Medium) events (not hours..)
  • 2-hour SLA for remediation of “Low” events
  • Monthly executive reporting
  • 2-4 weeks for initial spin-up of services
  • English and Spanish-language support
Continuous penetration testing

Managed Security Services

The “bad guys” don’t sleep, and are often at their busiest when you’re not. In addition, the alert fatigue that security alerts can generate are often too much for most teams to handle. Outsource the “watching of the walls” to teams that make it happen, so you can spend your time where it’s better utilized.

MSSP managed security

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