Our forensics & incident response service helps you recover from a cyber event, security incident, or data breach. We answer critical questions and more:

  1. How did the event, incident, or breach happen?
  2. What data or accounts were compromised? Did data exfiltration occur?
  3. When did the incident occur and for how long?
  4. Why did defenses fail?
  5. Who did it? Who was the attacker or culprit?
  6. How can we avoid this type of event in the future? 

Blue & Red Team Talent

0Tolerance’s experienced, seasoned investigators and incident responders can jump into action quickly on a security incident. Please call us, and we’ll promptly scope the incident and assign resources.

We’ll provide qualified, expert guidance and recommendations from resources that have been in the same seat as you. We utilize leading industry tools to help analyze evidence.

Our areas of specialization include malware/ransomware response, business email compromise and account takeovers, bad leavers, and e-commerce data breaches.

Proactive Forensics & Incident Response Retainer

We often find that it’s not a matter of “if” an event will occur but “when.” In the heat of an incident, it helps if you have a forensics and incident response team on call. Don’t worry about contract negotiations and calling around for help during the storm. Put us on speed dial now when the skies are clear. If your insurance provider has a cyber response team, consider having us, in addition, work at your direction as a breach coach. We will guarantee a response when an incident occurs. We will assign dedicated experts who spend one to two hours of your retainer up-front meeting with you, reviewing your incident response posture and IR Plan, and learning your team; so we can get to work quickly when you need us to. This will help expand your security posture without investing in expensive tools and talent.

We Help Make Sense Of It All