Adversary simulation exercises are more open than traditional penetration testing and are typically an advanced form of penetration testing. The exercises simulate how a breach could occur. Our expert security team leverages various attack avenues to determine your weakest points of failure and how an external bad actor or insider threat would likely compromise your environment.

Common concerns of our clients that adversarial simulation engagements will help answer include the following:

  1. How well do our policies and procedures hold up to an attack? Where are our blind spots?
  2. How fast are the response times by our security team or third-party managed security services provider?
  3. What information would an attacker have access to if compromised? What’s our blast radius?
  4. Are our intellectual property, client databases, regulated data, and backups hardened enough? Are we a target of opportunity?
  5. We don’t have an endless security budget; where do we focus our efforts today and later on?

Are you ready for a different style of penetration test?

The assumed breach assessment takes the perspective of a compromised system and represents how attackers operate. Whether an attacker steals a corporate laptop or a user executes a malicious phishing payload, the assumed breach assessment mimics those scenarios. 0Tolerance attempts to gain access to high-value targets, discover privilege escalation paths, and move laterally through the network.

Detect and remediate common attack methods
Evaluate current security controls
Strengthen your defense and alerting posture

0Tolerance employs multiple approaches to accomplish a set of attacker-related exercises. Red Team engagements show the true nature of how an attacker could compromise an organization. A red team engagement is more scenario-based than a traditional penetration test and custom-tailored to your environment, threat landscape, and team.

Discover attack paths and vulnerabilities in a safe, yet real-world setting
Increase security awareness and gamify security amongst your team
Evaluate security controls and defenses, put them to the test

Practice Makes Perfect. Simulate Security Incidents In A Controlled Environment.