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0Tolerance has a core belief that relationships are everything. Just like we aim to earn each of our client’s business daily, we also aim to satisfy our partners daily and help you bring additional insights and services to your customer base. Let’s explore a partnership.

Partner Referral Program

Our Partner Referral Program compensates our partners handsomely for referring leads that result in business to 0Tolerance. Our partners can be as involved as they want in the process, refer, or refer and hand-hold. It's always the partner's call; it's their client first.

We love working with cybersecurity firms that don't have a GRC/PenTest/Forensics practice, managed service providers, technology service providers, law firms, sales organizations, and commercial insurance practices, to name a few. Referral partners can be organizations or individuals. Send us your leads today!

Partner Resale Program

Our Partner Resale Program enables our partners to sell our services directly to their clients. Our team is available to help train your team and act as a solution architect on opportunities. In this program, partners manage proposals on their paper, and partners invoice their clients how they wish.

Our partners receive discounted pricing on our services, so they can resell and realize profit margin. Resale partnerships should be organizations with sales teams.

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Blue & Red Team Talent

Are you a talented, experienced Pen Tester, PCI QSA, GRC Auditor, Forensic Investigator, or Incident Responder today? Are you underpaid? Under-appreciated? Getting burnt out? We see you.

Do you have a following of folks and a "book of clients" to contribute? Are you passionate about starting a practice but nervous about taking the leap yourself? Join us. We're looking for like-minded individuals.

Let's discuss equity, true meaning, and your financial Independence from the machine. Hackers, unite!

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