PCI Level 2 Assessment
QSA-Assisted Self-Assessment Questionnaire

0Tolerance is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and would love to partner with your organization.

As part of an assessment, our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company can assist your organization in validating your compliance and fully completing the SAQ. The outcome is a QSA-assisted SAQ. For Level 2 merchants and some Level 2 service providers, this will help you meet your annual PCI requirements and obligations.

Why 0Tolerance

1 Quality and price, in that order

2 We strive to provide the highest standard of work to our clients

0Tolerance want to be your Partner, not just your PCI Auditor, those words mean something to us, let us show you

We don’t have the bloated overhead that a lot of QSAs do. As such, our pricing for the level of quality is difficult to beat

Our QSA team holds extensive PCI certifications, including the elite PCI Forensic Investigator certification. We’re able to incorporate learnings from real-world payment card breaches into our assessments

6 Our elite penetration testing practice can help you satisfy Requirement 11.3 for pen testing

7 0Tolerance’s partnership with a leading Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) can help you satisfy Requirement 11.2 for vulnerability scanning

Our Methodology

We take pride in our proven assessment methodology

We’ll partner with you to scope the assessment to meet your exact environment and business objectives. Then we’ll have a kickoff call to align all parties

You’ll upload documentation and evidence for our review to our secure project management portal. We’ll schedule interviews and screen-sharing meetings to dig in more

We’ll perform a Gap Analysis to determine where gaps may exist in achieving PCI compliance. Then we’ll provide specific and detailed remediation feedback

You’ll work to resolve any gaps. Once you’re all set, we’ll validate your remediations, and we’ll provide your QSA-assisted SAQ and AOC for acceptance and finalization.

Who knew it could be this easy?

Clients We Especially Love

As a startup ourselves, we understand your position and that you have stakeholders asking for PCI and a limited budget to get there. Our program for startups is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Franchisee Groups
You have a lot on your plate running your business, and PCI is something that can’t get in the way of that. There’s a good chance your franchise logo is inflating your pricing today; our competitors see you as a Fortune 1,000 not a franchisee, right? Get a price check with us, your CFO will thank you.

New Service Providers
Our program for service providers is focused on getting you across the finish line, so to speak, as efficiently as possible, and we’ll help you get «listed» so you can scream your achievement from the rooftops to your clients.

Habla español
Our lead QSA speaks fluent Spanish, in addition to English, we’re thrilled to work with our Latin American friends.

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Security Is An Investment, Not Just An Expense, When You Hire The Right QSA