Applications have an essential role in the way organizations conduct daily business. They are also popular attack vectors that hackers use to compromise and steal data. 0Tolerance uses both manual and automated strategies to discover and report vulnerabilities that could exist in your web environment.

Web applications come in many shapes and sizes. 0 Tolerance Security deeply analyzes each web application to determine the entry points that attackers use to exfiltrate and manipulate data. Each assessment ensures complete testing coverage of the OWASP top 10 risk categories.

Uncover web application vulnerabilities
Identify business logic and application misuse cases
Detailed remediation steps for each finding

The best security technologies can often be defeated due to staff not following proper security practices. Training is a critical component in creating a solid cybersecurity program. Let us help you implement the human firewall.

Online security awareness training
Phishing campaigns to raise awareness and create a security mindset
Policy acknowledgment and centralization

We Protect Your Apps From Sophisticated Cybercriminals