PCI ASV Pricing


PCI ASV pricing starts at only $110/year, or $99/year if you have another 0Tolerance service such as PCI QSA or PCI Penetration Testing. 

Payment Card Industry Approved Scanning Vendor services are required by the PCI Data Security Standard for merchants storing, transmitting, or processing payment cards. It’s also a requirement for service providers impacting the security of payment cards. All service providers, Level 1 merchants, and certain Level 2 through 4 merchants must achieve a passing scan every 90 days to maintain PCI compliance.

PCI ASV Pricing Includes:

External Vulnerability Scans: Access an intuitive, secure web portal with multi-factor authentication for monthly or quarterly external vulnerability scans. Quarterly scanning is the minimum PCI requirement. Monthly scanning is a security best practice.

SAQ Access: Complimentary access to complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) if needed. The simple SAQ wizard helps you quickly determine the proper SAQ type to complete based on how you accept payment cards. You can complete the SAQ electronically instead of manually completing it on paper like normal.

Rescans and Exceptions Support: Unlimited rescans and exception reviews after failing scans to achieve a passing scan.

Reporting: Attestation of Scan Compliance, detailed scan findings, executive summary, and remediation tracker for your external stakeholders and internal scan management purposes.

Seals: PCI seals can be downloaded for your website to show off your PCI compliance status.

PCI ASV Pricing Options:

Internal Vulnerability Scans: Internal vulnerability scanning, if needed, is available for an added cost. Internal scans are available in the same portal.

Dark Web Domain Monitoring: Dark web domain monitoring, if needed, is available for an added cost. Dark web monitoring is available in the same portal.

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