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0Tolerance believes in simplicity and transparency in business and would love to help you buy a PCI scan. Many competing firms make it difficult and time-consuming to understand their pricing and services. We aim to crush that paradigm! Grab your network diagram and asset inventory, or your IT guy/gal, and see the actual price now. If technology isn’t your day job, call us, and we can explain all of this in layperson’s terms pronto.

Scans start at only $99/year for current clients and $110/year for new clients!

0 Tolerance PCI ASV Requirements vulnerability scanning

Buy a PCI Scan

Payment Schedule:

100% due at signing/enrollment


Access to a secure web portal.

Access to complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for merchants with an SAQ requirement.

Unlimited rescans and exception request review after failing scans to achieve a passing scan.

Please note that having a qualified internal IT or third-party IT resource is recommended.

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PCI ASV Scanning Pricing Calculator


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