AI Physical Security Screening


0Tolerance partners with the cutting-edge provider of physical security screening solutions. This groundbreaking and proven technology can detect if people lie by measuring their voluntary and involuntary responses to questions. This technology has use cases for airport security, public venue security, concert security, events, employee screening, investigations, office reception welcome areas, and more. Reliable results, faster than traditional detection methods, allowing you to screen at scale without expert knowledge to use it.

How It Works

  • The AI collects video and audio and detects deception, emotions, cognition, and physiology.
  • It sees heart rate, respiration rate, pupil features, emotions, cognition, and physiology.
  • It hears voice inflections, changes in pitch, and rhythmic patterns.
This solution is not designed to replace a professional polygraph service; it is used to deliver frontline security screenings at scale without subjecting people to invasive interviews. A traditional polygraph is accurate up to 95%, but these interviews last between 60-90 minutes and require complex setup and configuration. Unlike a traditional polygraph, this solution is built to produce results as accurate as 80% in just a few minutes. The only thing required is a camera to record video and audio information on the person being interviewed. The magic happens behind the scenes as the technology collects, processes, and analyzes information on each person in real-time to tell the interviewer whether they might be showing signs of deception.
AI Physical Security Screening

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